Enrollment Process

CMP admits new students through a public, random lottery draw.


Campus Tours & Lottery Applications

To begin the enrollment process, parent/guardians are invited to participate in a pre-scheduled campus tour/orientation at each campus that you plan to apply to (prior to submitting a Lottery Application for your child). Click on the campus link below to sign up for a tour.

2020-2021 Campus Tour Dates/Times

American River Tour Sign Up

Capitol Tour Sign Up

Carmichael Tour Sign Up

Elk Grove Tour Sign Up

                      Orangevale - call campus directly to sign up at (916)673-9389

Shingle Springs Tour Sign Up

Lottery draw dates are noted below.

After you have completed the campus tour or orientation, please pick up a Lottery Application from the particular campus(es) you have toured.  Once completed, submit the original application to the campus or campuses for which you are most interested. All areas of the application must be complete or the application is not considered valid.


After the annual re-enrollment process is completed for current families, CMP begins its lotteries for Fall enrollment of the following school year.  If your child meets the age requirements, and you would like your child to be included in a public random lottery draw for the 2020-2021 school year, please see listed below the pre-scheduled Lottery Draw dates and the dates that the lottery applications must be received by.


Lottery Draw Dates

Application Due Dates

Lottery Pull Time & Location

Monday, March 23, 2020

(TK & Kindergarten only)

Monday, March 16, 2020


 Carmichael, Gibbons Room

Monday, April 27, 2020

(All grades)

Monday, April 20, 2020


Carmichael, Gibbons Room


* Please refer to the 2020-2021 Lottery/New Enrollment Procedures in the Resources section of this page for a full description of the procedures.


Waitlist Procedures


At the lottery each campus may pull a wait list. Wait lists are maintained through the Enrollment Preferences Listed in the CMP charter documents. As openings occur, staff will contact applicants from the wait list. Lottery applications received after open enrollment and the random public lottery draw will be added to the wait list according to the Enrollment Preferences listed in the CMP charter documents.


Once your family is called and offered an open seat, your family has up to 3 days to accept or decline the spot. If you do not respond within the 3 day period the open seat will be offered to the next applicant on the wait list.


* Please refer to the 2020-21 Lottery/New Enrollment Procedures in the Resources section of this page for a full description of the procedures.


Age Eligibility

Per State Law:

Minimum Age Eligibility for Transitional Kindergarten:

School Year
Child Must Turn 5 Between:


September 2 - December 2, 2020


Minimum Age Eligibility for Kindergarten:

School Year

Child Must Turn 5 By:


 September 1, 2020


Minimum Age Eligibility for 1st Grade:

School Year

Child Must Turn 6 By:


September 1, 2020


For Campus specific questions, please contact the Campus Principal:

American River- Julie Miller at (916)864-0081

Capitol - Bernie Evangelista at (916)325-0910

Carmichael - Laurien Spiller at (916)971-2430

Elk Grove@Bradshaw and Elk Grove@Blvd. - Kathleen Merz at (916)714-9699

Shingle Springs - Kim Zawilski at (530)672-3095

Orangevale - Maria Ostendorf at (916)673-9389




Enrollment logo

Sherry Butler, Student Services Coordinator 

5330 A Gibbons Drive, Ste 700

Carmichael, CA  95608

(916) 971-2432



Teri Groves, Student Services Assistant

5330 A Gibbons Drive, Ste 700

Carmichael, CA  95608

(916) 971-2432