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Lottery and Enrollment

Enrollment Process

CMP admits new students through a public, random lottery draw.

Campus Tours & Lottery Applications

To begin the enrollment process, a parent/guardian must participate in a pre-scheduled Campus Tour/Orientation at EACH campus that you plan to apply to (prior to submitting a Lottery Application for your child).  Lottery Applications will not be considered if you have not participated in a Campus Tour or Open House.

CMP Carmichael will begin offering tours in January 2020. Please click the link to sign up for a tour:

The California Montessori Project is offering day and evening tours for families interested in joining the CMP Community. In order to assure that parents and guardians have the critical information needed to determine the best educational placement for the child, attendance at one of these tours is mandatory. Topics covered will include information on the California  Montessori Project network as a whole, the Carmichael campus, the lottery process, student and parent expectations, curriculum and methodology as well as an inside look at a Montessori classroom. Tours typically run 90 minutes and lottery applications will be made available at the conclusion of the tour.

Please be aware that this is an adult only tour. CMP will have several tour offerings in order to provide time and opportunity to make alternative arrangements for any children. Additionally, the adult taking the tour and signing the lottery application MUST be the child's parent or guardian with the legal authority to make educational decisions for their student.

Thank you for your interest in CMP and we look forward to meeting you!

Tour dates

January 21, 23, 30

February 20, 25, 27

March 10, 12, 31

After you have completed the campus tour or orientation, please pick up a Lottery Application from the particular campus(es) you have toured.  Once completed, submit the original application to the campus or campuses for which you are most interested. All areas of the application must be complete or the application is not considered valid.


Waitlist Procedures


At the lottery each campus may pull a wait list. Wait lists are maintained through the Enrollment Preferences Listed in the CMP charter documents. As openings occur, staff will contact applicants from the wait list. Lottery applications received after open enrollment and the random public lottery draw will be added to the wait list according to the Enrollment Preferences listed in the CMP charter documents.


Once your family is called and offered an open seat, your family has up to 3 days to accept or decline the spot. If you do not respond within the 3 day period the open seat will be offered to the next applicant on the wait list.



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